Triple Action Formula Cleaning and Descaling Liquid

Dissolves harmful scale - most internal coffee machine problems are caused by mineral content in water.  This creates scale on the heated surfaces of coffee machines limiting performance and blocking flow paths throughout.  Most descaling powders and tablets only do a small part of removing this build up.  Barista Basics Triple Action Formula will penetrate lift and solubilise scale.

Cleans: This product has an effective cleaning action that will aid the machines restoration during descaling, removing contaminants from places you normally can't get to.

Milk Scum: This is the first descaling liquid that effectively works on breaking down hardened milk from the inside out.

Machine Suitability: Suits thermoblock, boiler and heat exchange style systems in traditional and automatic coffee machines.

Home/Office Use: The 250ml product offers 5 descale/clean cycles per bottle.  For use in SAECO, DeLonghi, Jura, Krups, Sunbeam, Breville and all other domestic brands.

Notes: Non-toxic, non-caustic, water soluble, Australian made.

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: cbdcollegeshop

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